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OutCold, Ent., established in 2013, out of Huntington, WV. 

This all being created by Detroit native Mob Boss. Wearing many hats, owner/producer/lyricist, its founder says that music courses thru his veins. 

He credits his family, the streets, but first and foremost, to Allah! He also gives credit to the talented crew he works with in the studio. 

MB describes the sounds he’s creating as very versatile and eclectic mix of R&B/blues/and rap. 

Your Music Goals

We Share Your Aspirations & Musical Goals.  

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As your producer we gather ideas for the project, composing the music for the project, selecting songs or session musicians, proposing changes to the song arrangements, coaching the artist and musicians in the studio, controlling the recording sessions, and supervising the entire process through audio mixing (recorded music) and, in some cases, to the audio mastering stage.


Non-Exclusive: Basic Mp3 (Tagged) $25
Non-Exclusive: Basic Mp3 (untagged) $35
Non-Exclusive: Wav (tagged) $150
Non-Exclusive: Wav (untagged) $300
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Out Cold Entertainment

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